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Condiciones de uso – Terms of Use

1. The web pages available at are owned by ABConsulting, located at Plac Lasoty 3/1b in Cracow (Tax Identification Number: 813-236-84-97, REGON: 120850754). The company is listed in the enterprise registry issued by the President of Cracow under position: 872/2009.
2. The Terms of Use define the conditions under which ABConsulting shall provide its Services. They also specify the conditions of concluding and withdrawing contracts and settling claims.
3. Cases which are not covered by the Terms of Use shall remain under the protection and authority of the Polish law.

The terms used herein shall mean as follows:
1) ABConsulting – ABConsulting company described in §1, part 1.
2) User – a person using the Website
3) Website – website
4) Services – services provided by ABConsulting by means of the Website
5) Discussion Board – an online discussion site available at
6) Survey - “Polish Citizenship Eligibility Check” survey available at
7) Account – part of the Website available to Users who logged in. It allows to collect, store and edit User personal information and other Website data and make use of the Services that have to be purchased.
8) Terms – this document.

By registering at the Website, the user acknowledges and agrees to the policies of the Terms of Use.

1. During registration process the user provides the following data:
a) unique username
b) email address
2. These two pieces of information are necessary to successfully register at the Website
3. By creating an account the user agrees to:
a) processing of user personal information by ABConsulting to provide online Services
b) processing of user personal information to research the market, identify user behaviour and preference
c) processing of the user personal information by ABConsulting for marketing and statistics purposes
4. ABConsulting is the sole administrator of the user personal information processed when providing the Services. The information provided by the user can be used for the purposes specified in para. 3 by ABConsulting and parties authorized according to the Personal Data Protection Act from August 29th, 1997.

1. The user agrees to collecting, storing and processing of the following technical and technological information by ABConsulting:
a) IP address
b) web address (URL)
c) referral URL
d) web browser type
e) other data transmitted via http
2. The user agrees that ABConsulting shall store small text files (cookies) on user computer which are necessary to correctly provide the Services. These files do not contain personal information, do not modify computer settings, do not install/uninstall any software, viruses or trojans. They do not interfere with the system integrity and are not processed by other websites. Cookie files can be removed by the user at any time.

1. To make use of the Services a properly configured web browser is necessary (Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher; Firefox 2.0 or higher; Google Chrome). ABConsulting shall not be liable for problems caused by unsupported web browsers.
2. To make use of the Website the web browser must accept cookies and enable javascript support.

1. The content of the Website can be accessed free of charge or for a fee.
2. ABConsulting reserves the right to define the scope, time and means of accessing the Website content.

1. To gain access to Website resources the User must register by filling out the registration form.
2. The User is obliged to complete all the form fields marked as mandatory.
3. The information must relate to the User submitting the form and be valid.
4. Form submission and its acceptance results in storing the inputted data in the Website database.
5. ABConsulting shall send a registration confirmation including data verification request. If the verification does not take place, the data shall be removed from the database within 20 days from the day of registration.
6. After successful registration the User shall be granted access to his Account using specified username and password.
7. The User is not allowed to disclose his password to third parties. In the event ABConsulting determines that the User disclosed his password to third parties, ABConsulting reserves the right to withdraw the contract and terminate the Account.
8. The User has the right to view the data submitted in the registration form and edit the data using the Account settings section.

1. After successfully logging to the Account the User may purchase Services to access Website content for a given period of time.
2. The payment can be made using credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or PayPal account). The whole payment process is conducted via PayPal website.
3. Once ABConsulting receives payment confirmation either from the bank or from PayPal system, the contract for Service provision is concluded. ABConsulting activates user access to Services immediately.
4.The User agrees for the Service to be provided within 10 days since the contract settlement (art. 10, section 3, point 1 of the act from March 2nd, 2000 about the protection of some consumer rights and responsibility for damage done by a dangerous product).
5. The User shall access the Website content by using the Account.

1. The Discussion Board is a Service enabling Users to publicly express their opinions and comments.
2. The User acknowledges and agrees to the fact that his Discussion Board posts are freely available in the World Wide Web. The User agrees that other Users can post comments in reply to his comments.
3. ABConsulting shall not be liable for content posted on the Discussion Board.
4. ABConsulting reserves the right to edit or delete Discussion Board posts that are obscene, vulgar, offensive, illegal, infringing ABConsulting rights any other third party rights.
5. ABConsulting does not allow Users to post comments containing advertising material or spam.
6. ABConsulting reserves the right to deny access to the Discussion Board for a User if:
a) the User violates a law
b) the User infringes on other Users' rights
c) User posts contain commercial material
d) User posts contain spam material.

1. ABConsulting possesses copyrights to all publications (materials) available at the Website.
2. Copyrights to all publications available at the Website are protected by copyright laws included in the Copyrights Act from February 4th, 1994 (Journal of Laws, abbreviated Dz.U. of 2006, number 90, entry 631 with amendments).
3. Any materials available at the Website may not be copied or redistributed, in part or in whole, in any way without written permission from ABConsulting. Failure to abide by these conditions is considered copyrights infringement and shall be prosecuted in the court of law.
4. Providing access to the Website content through online Services does not grant the User with copyrights to any of the materials.

The User grants ABConsulting the right to issue an invoice without recipient's signature.

1. Payment for online Services can be documented by an invoice.
2. Should the User request a VAT invoice, he will be obliged to provide all the necessary data that is required by the Polish law.

1. ABConsulting shall not be liable for failure to access online Services if it results from causes independent from ABConsulting.
2. ABConsulting reserves the right to perform short maintenance breaks to target hardware and software upgrades.
3. ABConsulting shall not be liable for the results of any actions arising out of the use of any information or document templates available through online Services.
4. ABConsulting shall not be liable for material or immaterial loss to the User caused by using online Services, other than those done on purpose by ABConsulting, or it is stated otherwise in the Terms of Use.
5. ABConsulting reserves the right to include advertising materials within the Website. ABConsulting shall not be liable for the content of the advertising material.

1. Any complaints can be submitted to
2. Complaints shall be scrutinized within 7 working days from the day of issuing.
3. Complaint notifications will be sent to the address from which the complaint was submitted or to the address provided during the registration process.

1. These Terms of Use remain in full force starting with the publication date and constitute the entire agreement between the User and ABConsulting.
2. Terms of Use are available in Polish and English version.
3. Terms of Use can be modified. The user will be notified about the modifications using the email address provided during registration process. If the User does not deliver a contract cancellation notice within one week from the notification date, it shall be assumed that he accepts the modifications. The user can terminate the contract by replying to the notification email address.
4. ABConsulting may terminate the contract if the User violates any provisions of the Terms of Use or the Polish law.
5. Should ABConsulting terminate the contract due to any important reasons, it reserves the right to charge the User for the period of providing paid Services.
6. Any correspondence between the User and ABConsulting shall be written in Polish or English. Any statements or notices written in other languages than those mentioned will be treated as invalid.
7. Any legal disputes related to providing online Services will be governed and construed in accordance with the Polish law and by the court of local jurisdiction.